For most of us,
this is not an option.

Complete internet protection, with all the access.

It’s the challenge everyone is facing: We can’t live with it, we can’t live without it. The Nativ Internet filter offers a viable alternative, based on the latest research and technology.


Content Based Filtering

Dynamic filtering based on the content of each filtered page.

Multiple Layers and Methods

Multiple layers of filtering based on text, image, URL, MIME Type and Protocol.

Real Time Filtering

Detect inappropriate content in real-time while you load the page.

Image Analysis

Analyze images based on skin color and face detection, and block inappropriate content.

Ease of Use

Easy to install and configure. Runs automatically and transparently.

YouTube Filtering

Dedicated filtering system for YouTube, based on the description, comments and channels of each video.


Censors inappropriate text instead of blocking page entirely.

Safe Search

Force the device to use the Google and YouTube Safe Search tool, even when allowed to search the site.

Complete Customization

Customize the filter system according to your specific needs.

In-App Browser Filtering

Filters content in applications and programs that use embedded browser​.


Remove all ads popping up out of no where, or even in the middle of your youtube video.​

Absolute Privacy

No tracking of records, browsing or activity besides for troubleshooting purposes.

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