• Yes. The new pricing structure will apply to all users, regardless of the version, effective March 1, 2024.

There are three plans to choose from.

  • $15.99 per month per device
  • $44.99 per quarter per device
  • $169.99 per year per device

We also offer special discount pricing for multi-device customers.

3+ devices will receive 15% discount.
5+ devices will receive 20% discount.

Eventually, yes. While we haven’t finalized the end-date for Nativ4 yet, we anticipate it in the near future.

Nativ4 has served us well for over 10 years, but as technology evolves, so does the need for upgrading. Now is the opportune time to make the bold move and upgrade our core system.

Absolutely not. The Nativ+ upgrade enhances your protection even further. Nativ+ operates on a cloud-based platform, offering improved speed and efficiency for your computer.

  • Phone support available Sunday noon to Friday 2:30pm EST. Site requests support after Shabbos, starting from 9pm.
  • Online Chat support with our staff.
  • Enhanced image filtering, allowing even filtered image shopping.
  • Improved accuracy in site categorization.
  • Faster and smoother performance on your computer.
  • Constant updates, improvements, and new features.
  • Introduction of filtering for mobile devices. IYH, 3rd quarter.

Not at the moment. We’re actively working on it and hope to have it available soon. Meanwhile, you can utilize our online Chat support, available almost 24/6, accessible through our new website https://nativfilter.com.


With the improved image filtering in Nativ+, the need to allow images unfiltered is significantly reduced. However, we understand there may still be instances where it’s necessary. We aim to have this feature completed soon.

The easiest way is to go to our new website https://nativfilter.com, go to Sign Up and choose a plan for your primary device. Once that is done, you can call us or chat with us to complete the installation. The process usually takes just a few minutes.


No, we will replicate your profile from N4 to Nativ+. However, the systems are different, so there will be a little bit of a learning curve. We are always available to help.

  • Yes, we know. We’ve maintained our low prices for as long as we could. This is our first price increase since opening in 2012.
  • The new prices are per device. 3+ devices will receive a 15% discount and 5+ devices will receive a 20% discount.
  • NativUSA is always ready to serve your internet filtering needs. The support staff is well trained and understands how to provide you with the proper protection and functional system. They are available almost 24/6.
  • The office manager, Tzvi Possick, has worked with many of you personally over the past decade. If you need anything, do not hesitate to reach out to him at [email protected].